Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: we only collect personal information when you voluntarily provide it. When you do, we protect it.

If you unsubscribe / opt-out, within 24 hours your information is fully, permanently deleted from our system with no possibility of recovery.

Here are the details:

  • If you request coupons from us, for example, you give us your name and email address. We don't share that information with anyone else so they can market to you.
  • We use professional third party email management services to do email and coupon delivery for us. They don't share your information with anyone either.
  • As for cookies, we make use of cookies, including those from third parties1, in the same way that most every site does: to help us improve the quality of our site and for use in shopping carts.

    (This helps ensure that when you click "Buy Now" on an antivirus program, you end up with the right stuff in your cart and that we get credit for the sale.)
  • We keep a log of what pages are viewed in our site. This means we keep track of things like IP addresses and web browsers. Why?

    If something breaks, we want to know it and why it broke so we can fix it. Is it only for people using a certain web browser? Or for people coming from a certain part of the world?

    IP addresses and web browsers help us figure those things out.
Fundamentally, users to our site don't need to worry if we know who they are since we don't ask for personal information to view our site.

1 Google provides analytics services to us via their Google Analytics services. Their privacy policy is separate from ours.